MODEL NO: EOSR 1200 – 30 EOSR 1200 – 30P, EOSR 1600 – 30 EOSR 1600 – 30P, EOSR 2000 – 30P

Innovative Design, Simple & Reliable. 

Great option for heavy duty & high stacking tasks
The Battery Operator Stacker  are the best solution for outstanding maneuverability and control along with enhanced stability.
Stacker ensures user friendly operations combined with advanced features.
Rated Capacity– 1 ton to 2 ton
Types of operation – Battery Operated
Lift Height – 1.6m to 5.8m with pedestrian/Standon platform with AC/DC controller

EOSR 1200-30/EOSR 1200-30P

EOSR 1600-30/EOSR 1600-30P

EOSR 2000-30P