MODEL NO: MSLM500-6 to MSLM500-12, SESLM300-8 to SESLM300-13.8, ESLM500-6 to  ESLM500-12

Great option for heavy duty and high reach tasks.

Formidable structure suits eminent racking applications.
ALPHA assures you variety of maintenance scissor lift models built with safer mechanism for your heavy-duty aerial works. These are the most reliable platforms for elevations with perfect positioning and stabilization.
Load capacity : 300kg to 500kg
Lift height :  6000 mm to 12000 mm
Type – Manual, Semi Electric & Fully Electric.

MSLM500-6 to MSLM500-12

SESLM300-8 to SESLM300-13.8

ESLM500-6 to ESLM500-12